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Circus training for kids with autism

Circus Stars is driven towards providing an inclusive and supportive training environment, where children and young people can find their own place to learn and thrive. Circus as an art-form and physical activity allows children to be creative and build confidence.


Using the tools of circus training to "unlock the body" can open up a new world to children with special needs. Not only do they gain, strength, coordination and physical awareness, they can also gain confidence, opportunities for creative expression and a sense of "fitting in" somewhere. 


The Circus Stars program inspired by Dr Reg Bolton's theory of the  5 key elements of why circus works for children: to have fun, to take safe risks, to build trust and work as a team, to encourage individuality, and to work hard on our skills.


Circus Stars aims to provide a flexible learning environment, where children can participate in various skills at their own pace and skill level, this allows them to develop as individuals, while still belonging to the group.

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